PH.D Nguyen Van Phuong

Title: Senior Advisor

Phone: 037 964 9664



+ Graduated from University of Karl Marx Leipzig, Germany (1988).

+ Master thesis dissertation at the University of Albert – Ludwigs in Freiburg, Federal Republic of Germany, 1996.

+ Defending PhD thesis at Hanoi Law University, 2007.

Practical experiences:

Dr Phuong graduated with a bachelor’s degree in law in Germany (1988), then returned to Vietnam to work as a lecturer at the Hanoi Law University. At the same time, Dr Phuong has been a lawyer at Ha Tay Bar Association since 1993, holding the position of Deputy Head of Inspection Committee of Ha Tay Bar Association from 1998 to 2004.

Dr Phuong is currently the head of the Department of Environmental Law at Hanoi Law University. In addition, Dr Phuong also usually lectures on short-term training programs such as ADB’s Government-sponsored retraining program, training programs for sectoral and local managers, sponsored by Ministry of Natural resources and Environment, Ministry of Justice, or non-governmental organizations.

For research activities, Dr Phuong joins the drafting committee, scrutinizing many draft laws; consult policy to central agencies; joins the advisory councils or take over the projects, schemes and tasks related to the law of research institutions and state administrative agencies. As a result, many researches, books and textbooks have been published. Many law schools, lawyers, companies, organizations and individuals have used those books and really appreciated.

Alongside with teaching and researching time, Dr Phuong has over 10 years of experiences in law practice and Law Offices administration. He directly participated in many complicated and valuable disputes relating to housing, land and environmental resources. He is also a legal consultant of many corporations, large companies.

Researching and articles writing

+ We introduce some researches and articles written by Dr. Phuong as follows:

+ Editor of “Law curriculum” – Hanoi Law University, published in 2009.

+ Co-author of the book: “Land law – Commentary and resolution of the case” Judicial Publishing House, 2005.

+ Research topic: “Theoretical issues on environmental law in business”, Hanoi Law University, 2010.

+ Research topic: “Review of Law on Environmental Protection 2005” Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), 2011.

+ Author of the article: “Land Management in accordance with the Land Law 2003”, Journal of Law – Hanoi Law University. Association members

 A member of :

+ The advisory board of The Vietnam Association for Conservation of Nature and Environment (VACNE) responding to the Law on Environmental Protection 2005, 2004-2005.

+ Member of Editorial Team of the Law on Environmental Protection Tax, 2008 – 2010.

+ Member of Vietnam Lawyers Association.