Attorney Le Hong Lam

Senior Advisor

Phone: 0912 219 065


Education – Training:

+ University of Finance – Accounting (1983).

+ Bachelor of Laws (1998 – University of Social Sciences and Humanities)

+ Bachelor of Politics (2000 – National Politics Academy)

+ Corporate Finance Management (2002 – Finance Academy Finance Ministry)

+ Securities Investment (2006 – Institute of Management and Finance)

+ Law Firm (2009 – Judicial Academy)

Practical experiences

Mr Lam was previously a state management officer and a manager that runs state-owned enterprises. In recent years, Mr. Lam has been the Chairman of District 7 Bar Association and the Director of the Legal Consulting Center. Mr. Lam has extensive experiences in law practice through legal consultancy in many fields such as: land, corporate administration, inheritance, labour; and deal with many cases of civil and commercial litigation.

 Business experiences:

+ Head of Social Insurance Division, Labor Confederation of HCMC (1983)

+ Chairman of Nha Be District Federation of Labor, HCMC (1986)

+ Standing Vice Chairman of People’s Committee of Nha Be District, Ho Chi Minh City (1990)

+ Deputy General Director of HCMC Import Export Company – INEXIM (1995)

Being a member of:

+ Chairman of District 7 Lawyers Association, Ho Chi Minh City;

+ Ho Chi Minh City Bar Association – The Vietnam Bar Federation (VBF)

+ Member of Executive Committee of Ho Chi Minh City Lawyers Association;

+ Vietnam Lawyers Association.