As real estate lawyers, we find that land and houses are the most important asset of every person, while many laws have regulated it and in fact many people have broken down, disputes and losses assets related to real estate transactions.

In order to help customers to save time, minimize risks and success in real estate transactions, we have a team of prestigious lawyers in Ho Chi Minh City, who will provide the following services:

  • Legal advice on the latest real estate purchasing and selling procedures, conditions for buying and selling houses and transferring land use rights;
  • Sharing the experiences of buying and selling real estates, ensuring three criteria: “legal, location and value”;
  • Advising how to check the real or false red book, check information about the projects;
  • Consulting on procedures for safe transactions;
  • Participate in negotiations, draft deposit contract, real estate trading contracts; authorization letter;
  • Guiding procedures for notarization and authentication of real estate transactions;
  • Consulting and receiving the authorization to carry out land registration procedures in Ho Chi Minh City.

In addition, as a law office specializing in real estate, with a team of good estate lawyers also advise clients to deal in difficult situations, such as the procedure of buying and selling mortgaged land, or do not have Red Book, procedures for transferring real estate, buying and selling land through authorized person, mortgaged land.

Contract drafting services

Compared with the verbal form of words, the form of contract contributes to avoid the parties from “turn on” in the implementation of the contract. However, if clients do not focus on contract drafting, they will get risks easily. To have a clear, readable, easy-to-understand, easy-to-implement contractual document that guarantees the interests of the parties, minimizes disputes and risks in real estate transactions. Requiring the parties to be cautious, knowledgeable in law and have practical skills in the drafting and negotiation of signing contracts, doing well this requires the participation of good land lawyers in Ho Chi Minh City.

As a reputable law firm in HCMC, with a team of prestigious, professional and skilled lawyers, we are always ready to assist clients in consulting, negotiating and drafting the following contracts:

  • Capital contribution contract;
  • Deposit contract of buying land;
  • House purchasing contract;
  • Contract of land use right transfer;
  • Rental contract (including office lease and business location lease);
  • Land leasing contract;
  • Mortgage contract.