‘Move’ criminals ‘incomparable’

Long girls get approval. Too excited, drinking Long stay organized. But nature does not change, Alcohol, Long causing conflict with your social drinking and was invited to work on disruptive behavior. Do not have identification, Long was put into perspective, while sending information about Da Nang Police. But this time, Long silently gambling “scoot” move to Nghi Loc (Nghe An).


Still with his mouth sweet, Long made another super crush on a girl, living with her as husband and wife and the wedding preparations. While Long was chosen as the party day, the scouts wanted was immersive employee family planning for monitoring and access. The opportunity came, the house began scouting compact Long hit when the object is sitting, “cutting the wind” about marriage plans in the future wife.

Also became the “bridegroom quarter,” Pham Office Tuan Tu (SN 1980, residing in Hai Chau district, Da Nang) scouts were also strong onion peel PC52 offense.

In 2012, Tu join football betting lines on large-scale Internet and city police were. Danang dismantled. Tu fled in HCMC. Here, Tu made myself secure casing and “sawing” the fresh pour a beautiful girl, born in Nha Trang, is making a bank in HCM City. The couple also decided to organize the wedding.


Grasp the information, according to the secret reconnaissance Tu family in Nha Trang expected crowd asked. Her family belongs to the order, very basic and did not know what information the “bridegroom” future.

Senior Lieutenant Colonel Tran Canh, Deputy Head PC52 said, outlined plans available but situations do arise wondering whether you should start before or after the festival. Tu borrowed car at the right time of girlfriends go shopping, catch a brief reconnaissance audience stormed out of the way. When arrested, Tu asked to visit his girlfriend, but to avoid bad situations occur, PC52 Tu met only by phone.

The unexpected operation

La Thi Xuan Thoa (SN 1984, implying Chinh Gian Ward, Thanh Khe District) is its reputation for offering a food department but the girl said no less macho. From boyhood, Thoa was gambling, which later hosted the kick close to other objects. Army henchmen guarding “inspired” to Apply up to 20 people, the whole composition conviction is.

The subject of Thanh Khe district police put into perspective and dismantled by the end of 2002. However, with the experience repeatedly arrested, said to be serious crime recidivism, Thoa quick escape. Objects wandering around, finally selecting TP. HCM accomplices hiding and confidant.

Senior Lieutenant Colonel Tran Canh matter, the object being hunted by exceptional circumstances it makes sense, Thoa very good at hiding their whereabouts, including relationships with loved ones. Information meager clues, accordingly, is the last Apply with a cloth seller at Ben Thanh market.

From this data, PC52 room to solve the problem, none of those selling cloth related to Dab. In many professional measures, plying nearly 1 week, the scouts have found this special character, and know the seller fabrics and group outings Apply Noel appointment at a location in District 7, HCMC .HCM. Right from 24/12 afternoon, brothers scouts had “regrouped” s privacy.