Conforming to, applying, or evading the law appropriately is the key factor, and a real estate lawyer is a companion who is along with the client on the way to success.


Hung Vuong Real Estate Law Firm is established and operated under the Law on Lawyers and operation registration of certificate which has number: 41.02.2790/TP/ĐKHĐ is issued by the Department of Justice of Ho Chi Minh City. With a team of professional lawyers who have practical skills and experiences along with the relationships with competent authorities. We are committed to providing our clients with legal services that guarantee “Prestigious – Professional – Efficient”. Our main activities are:

– Legal consultation; Authorized representatives and other legal services.

– Participate in legal proceedings as a representative or defense counsel of lawful rights and interests of clients at courts at all levels in many cases: civil, economy, labour, administration, marriage and family, land and housing, etc.

– Participate in legal proceedings as a defense counsel for clients in a criminal case.



MASTERING LEGAL TERMS: Conforming to, applying, or evading the law appropriately is the key factor. Our lawyers not only have to understand the law but also have to take the law undergird for all activities. We must first master legal terms then help clients with legal stability to succeed.

ACHIEVING SUCCESS: is the goal, the benefits that customers want when the ask for lawyers’ help, so the obligation, professional morality of lawyers is to apply law combined with practical experiences and to find effective solutions to customers when providing legal services. Because we understand that customers often come to us in difficult circumstances, and we are always ready to go along with customers in such difficult cases like that.


With a team of legal experts, our lawyers are all knowledgeable, experienced and love real estate. We affirm the specialization in providing legal services related to real estate such as: Consulting real estate transaction, participating in dealing with land inheritance dispute, housing lawsuit, real estate transactions dispute at court or arbitration; To invest in, apply for construction permits, develop real estate projects; Tax consultancy, regular legal advice for real estate businesses.

In addition, we sustainably co-operate with many Notary Offices, Boards of Appraisers, Appraisal Organization and Auction Organization to provide full services to customers regarding to real estate transactions, investment, development of real estate projects.



Real estate lawyers

As a prestigious law firm in Ho Chi Minh City, our lawyers have insights about law of land, housing, construction and business. real estate and many practical experiences through hundreds of civil and economic cases settled in court. Our experts will accompany with and help customers overcome the difficulties and challenges to succeed in these following cases:

  • Land inheritance disputes
  • Land and property disputes in marital divorce
  • Housing dispute involving foreign elements
  • Houses for rent, accommodation, apartment disputes
  • Land disputes involving family member, land boundary, land use rights
  • Land without Red book certificate, land disputes between individuals and organizations
  • Real estate contract disputes
  • Deposit agreement disputes
  • Lawsuits over land, compensation and ground clearance complains

Specializing in real estate, Hung Vuong Real Estate Law Firm has a team of professional and experienced lawyers in HCMC. We can protect customers’ benefits quickly and effectively. We provide legal services to customers from the preparation until the problems are solved, as follows:

  • Consult about civil litigation procedures, civil court fees, court fees in inheritance division
  • Consult about land dispute settlement, land dispute fees
  • Consult how to collect evidence, make proposals for conciliation of land and inheritance disputes
  • File a complaint and summons with the court or write a petition to the competent authority to fight for clients’ rights and interests
  • Appoint a lawyer to study the case, draft a defense to protect the rights and interests of customers during the proceedings in court
  • Authorized representing clients in settling land disputes from Ward level to the court level or judgment execution.

As a prestigious law firm in HCMC, our lawyers provide free consultation and form of petition, as follows:

Procedures in land and housing disputes sueing:

File of lawsuit:

  1. Petition (form);
  2. Documents related to the lawsuit (land and housing purchase contract, deposit agreements, receipt of money, will, etc);
  3. Identity card, household registration (duplicate copy) if individual;
  4. Documents regarding to the legal status of plaintiff, the litigants and other related persons such as the license, the decision on the establishment of the enterprise, the certificate of business registration; the operation charter, etc.
  5. List of documents attached to the petition (specify number of originals, copies)

Procedures for conciliation and settlement of land disputes

The People’s Court is the competent authority to settle disputes over land and houses, specifically following 4 steps:

Step 1 – Filing a petition; Step 2 – accept the case; Step 3 – reconcile; Step 4 – First instance trial


Time for handling land and housing disputes:

  • Time limit for trial preparation: 04 to 06 months from the date of acceptance of the case.
  • Time limit for opening a trial: 01 to 02 months from the date of the decision to bring the case to trial.

As a prestigious law office in HCMC, our lawyers have practical experiences in many cases of land disputes, good lawyers recognize that the above is the time for settling civil cases in accordance with the law. However, the length of time that a case be solved might depends on how difficult it is, but in practice it is often much slower than the rule, even some last for years. If clients find a reliable lawyer who can support them well, problems will be solved quickly and efficiently.