Business lawyer & Legal Services


Business Lawyer & Legal Services

As a prestigious law firm in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), Hung Vuong Real Estate Law Firm has a team of professional lawyers who are always ready to accompany with clients throughout the process of setting up and developing businesses, to help businesses minimize legal risks which is frequently occur in the business’ activities. We know the importance of legality in business, so we hope to contribute sustainably and effectively in your development.

Our reputable attorneys have been the legal advisors of large corporations, so they are very well aware of the core legal issues in business. Therefore, we can easily help the business to understand the law before making such important decisions, and give the best solutions to business in order to reduce risks and develop gradually. We provide these following services:

Regular legal advice for business:

  • Consulting, drafting the Charter, Regulation on Management, Resolutions, Decisions of the General Meeting of Shareholders, Board of Directors and other important legal documents;
  • Consult about law on: Tax, Labour, Corporate governance, Investment, Business, etc;
  • Drafting contract for the sale and purchase of goods, investment cooperation contract, joint venture contract, technology transfer contract, etc;
  • Advising on capital mobilization: banking loans, issuance of stocks, bonds, investment cooperation;
  • Consulting about settlement of labour disputes related to wages, insurance, labor accidents, etc;
  • Advising on administrative procedures such as business registration, licensing, trademark registration, etc;
  • Advising on the settlement of disputes and litigations between the Company and other individuals or organizations;
  • Advise on debt collection and mortgage asset management;
  • Other legal issues arising in the course of business.

Regular legal advice services:

  • Signing a legal service contract (6 months to 2 years);
  • Direct counselling, indirect counselling via email, telephone, writing documents;
  • Consultation is conducted monthly and / or by the time customer requests;
  • Cost depends on the scope and volume of work that the lawyers undertake.


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